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Alzheimer’s is a devastating disease and the Alzheimer’s Alliance of Smith County is committed to walking beside all those in Smith County seeking our help throughout the journey. With that said, please take a moment to watch our videos and read stories and testimonials (click on the icon above) to find out how we are helping and making an impact in Smith County. If you have a personal story you would like us to share, please email us at

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Physicians and Medical Staff: Want to refer a client to the Alliance? Please download the Referral Packet

Holiday Caregiving Tips

The key to a successful holiday season is involving loved ones with memory loss into activities to the appropriate extent, so they feel involved and cared about, but not to the point that it becomes overwhelming.


  • Involve them in the preparations: Ask your loved one to help you make ornaments, decorate the tree, polish the menorah, wrap presents, and stuff envelopes. This will help enables him or her to feel productive and useful.
  • Bring the party home: If you choose to entertain, invite a few people to the home of your loved one. This will create a more comfortable environment and reduce the stress of having to travel. Showing your loved one pictures of the people coming, and talking about how your loved one knows them.

Supporting Partners

Our Programs and Services are funded in part by:

Support Groups

Check out our Dementia Caregiver and Individuals with Dementia Support Groups! We offer several which meet in Smith County on a different day and time during the month. There is so much to be said for being with others who are in your shoes: some join our groups to listen and soak up information; others come with heavy burdens and grief to a group of friends who personally understand. Whatever the reason you come, you can join a Support Group today.  You will be glad you did!

More information is available in the Services section under Support Groups.

Upcoming Events

Supporting Events

Training Events

Become a Memory Maker!

Your donation will help us to walk beside all those in Smith County seeking our help throughout this journey.